Port calls reporting to EPI (year to date): 5326

Reduction SOx from baseline (tonnes): 12

Reduction NOx from baseline (tonnes): 300

Average EPI score: 0.41

Unique ships in the database (current): 203

With the EPI, we will

There is no question that local pollution levels and the global climate crisis are two of the biggest challenges we face today. There is no question of the impact these two issues have on the wellbeing of both our communities and our planet. And there is no question that, together, we have the collective power to change this.

The only question that remains is… will we?

What is the Environmental Port Index?

The Environmental Port Index, or the EPI, is a sophisticated but simple to use reporting tool, designed to help ship owners and port operators to chart a course for positive change.

By aligning the operational and environmental benefits of following best practice sustainability at port, the EPI empowers ships and ports to ensure a better future for their individual businesses, as well as our shared industry, societies, and planet.

How the EPI Works

Why the EPI?

Global shipping is already the most carbon efficient form of transport available today, but there is still significant potential to reduce our industry’s environmental impact.

While many ships already have sustainability solutions in place, they are yet to harness their full potential. By reporting into the EPI portal, operational insights can be gathered to help ships achieve even greater sustainability in the future. For example, EPI reports have shown that the average cruise ship could cut its CO2 emissions by 20%.

By identifying how each ship contributes to pollution at port, the EPI empowers port operators, local authorities, and ship owners to optimise their operations and implement sustainable changes that will have a positive impact on a local and global level.

And by establishing the EPI at every port around the world, together we can make it easier than ever for ships to operate efficiently and responsibly – using simple, standardised reporting, wherever they call.

EPI Benefits