New EPI Member: Port of Reykjavik (Faxafloahafnir)

Port of Reykjavik joins the Environmental Port Index

We are delighted to announce that the Port of Reykjavik (Faxafloahafnir) has joined the Environmental Port Index. As the capital city port, Reykjavik’s decision reflects a national desire to increase sustainability in port operations on a national level.

Icelandic ports have welcomed rapid growth over the past 10 years, particularly in cruise which increased from 7 calls and 1.2k passengers in 2012 to 66 calls and 17.4k passengers in 2021. With 200 cruise ships expected in 2022, and over 1800 cargo, tanker, and fishing vessels, increasing the sustainability of each call is a major priority. Gunnar Tryggvason, Faxafloahafnir Finance and Business Development Director, believes the Environmental Port Index can help them deliver on this priority in Reykjavik.

“The Environmental Port Index will enable us to monitor ships’ environmental performance while in our ports. We have also been seeking a fair and reliable way to incentivise ships for good environmental behaviour. The EPI seems to be the perfect solution for that.”

This is the first expansion for the EPI outside of Norway and one of many more to come across Europe and beyond in the coming months, as part of the EPI’s mission to create greener ports for a cleaner world.